Mesa Mufflers AZ

Mufflers are there to reduce noise pollution. They are specially designed to send the sound from your exhaust back onto itself so that less noise is produced. So what you have to do is think of the sound you want your car to make and Mad Hatter Muffler and brakes will make it happen. Well, maybe it's not exactly that easy but really it's not that much more difficult. If you have an idea of what you're looking for in a muffler we can help. Car, truck, SUV we do it all and have the mufflers to match.

When thinking about a muffler there are other things to consider besides sound. One important consideration is the effect of back pressure your muffler has on your vehicle. The more back pressure on your engine the less efficient it will run because it decreases power output thus demanding more fuel consumption. Some back pressure is inevitable on your engine but the right muffler can make for a much better ride. Another important consideration, though some times ignored, is the look of the muffler. Not as integral to your car as efficiency but your car isn't only meant to get you from point A to point B. How you feel about your car when you look at it and when you drive it, is very important to car enthusiast and amateurs alike. Remember that unless they are in your car people will generally see the back of it (as they bite your dust!). So there is some weight to this consideration.

Mad Hatter Muffler and brakes sells a wide variety of superior brand names mufflers like:

  • Maremont
  •  Flowmaster
  •  Magnaflow
  • Walker
  •  Bosal
  •  Dynomax
  •  Borla
  • Anza
  • Banks
  • Imco
  • Allied

So the next time you think about changing your muffler (or any other part of your vehicle), think Mad Hatter.

Mesa Mufflers AZ

Ensuring that your muffler is in good working order is essential for personal safety as well as peak functioning of your motor vehicle. In cases of damage, the component will often exhibit clear symptoms such as loud cracks or booms. At other times, soot or rust may coat the vehicle's tailpipe. Aside from excessive levels of noise, a damaged muffler may also allow exhaust to enter the car. Fortunately, there is an easy, affordable solution for residents in Mesa and the surrounding areas. At Mad Hatter Mufflers & Brakes, we are committed to serving the auto repair needs of our Mesa area clients, and we provide the following:

  • Muffler Repair
  • Catalytic Converters
  • Custom Bending
  • Custom Exhaust
  • Truck/Dual/Stainless Steel Exhaust

In addition to the muffler and exhaust specialties listed above, we perform all manner of automobile repair work. What separates Mad Hatter Mufflers & Brakes from our competitors is our no-nonsense approach to automobile repair. We believe in treating our customers with the same respect and honesty we would like to receive in return. For this reason, we suggest only those repairs which provide efficiency, safety, and return value. Furthermore, we take the time to walk our clients through the repair process and explain their options fully. And best of all, Mad Hatter Mufflers & Brakes provides guarantees on all parts and labor.

Whether you are a long-time Mesa resident or simply passing through, caring for your vehicle can be as simple as giving us a call. A member of our small, dedicated team will gladly direct you to our location and answer all questions and concerns you may have. Once your vehicle is in our care, our team will work to repair it as swiftly as possible. Because of the time constraints of our clients, we take care to provide completion time frames which are as accurate as possible. Don't settle for less; call today, and let Mad Hatter Mufflers & Brakes restore your Mesa vehicle to peak form.